FREE 80’s Drum Samples (32kHz) & Korg DSS-1 Multisounds

I recently edited some samples of classic 80’s drum machines to load into my Korg DSS-1 with the Straylight Engineering upgrade. The drum hits were processed and trimmed in Ableton, then downsampled to 32kHz. Since I have 16mb of space, I was not too worried about tightening them up much, so if you are able […]

Export audio in Ableton without warping it

It was a dark, damp and cold day when I heard a rapping at my chamber door. I sat there staring at my computer wondering where it all went wrong… my audio editing that is. After spending a few hours editing a large chunk of audio in session view (I’m sure this isn’t the best […]

Korg ESX Electribe Sampler Tips

Double your ESX memory without buying or installing RAM!: To do this, take the audio file in a DAW: In Logic Pro:  after you have imported the audio you want, change the session sample rate to 88.2kHz. This should make the samples one octave higher and twice as fast. Then export the audio file as […]