FREE 80’s Drum Samples (32kHz) & Korg DSS-1 Multisounds

I recently edited some samples of classic 80’s drum machines to load into my Korg DSS-1 with the Straylight Engineering upgrade. The drum hits were processed and trimmed in Ableton, then downsampled to 32kHz. Since I have 16mb of space, I was not too worried about tightening them up much, so if you are able […]

Ableton “Wavetable” Synth using Simpler

A while ago, I wanted a simple “wavetable” style synth. I love the Moog Animoog app on my phone which is a “wavetable” synth and thought I might use that in conjunction with Ableton. After some research, I ran across some interesting info about how to load samples into Animoog, and I did just that […]

Circuit Bent Yamaha SHS-10 Sample Pack

The Yamaha SHS-10… A Devil with a red plastic case This little FM synth / midi guitar was really aimed at a consumer market, but there are some awesome circuit bending possibilities locked inside. Each sample was meticulously garnered through only Boutique preamps, recorded using the finest quality cables and converters at 900kHz, 6000bit sampling…Ha […]

Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack Disk “Vinyl Drums”

$20 disk or $7 direct download (for the modified/upgraded DSS-1 only) This disks has a selection of Vinyl Drum hits which includes a selection of 28 Kick drums, 28 Snares, 16 Closed Hi-hats, 12 Open Hi-Hats, 16 Percussion and 4 Tom samples. The Disk also contains originally programmed synth sounds including 12 Basses, 8 Leads, […]

Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack Disk “Modern Analog Drums and Synths”

$20 disk $7 direct download (for the Upgraded Korg DSS-1 only) This is my first Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack for sale, and I am really excited about it. If you have a DSS-1 or are thinking about getting one, it is a beast. Read my tips and tutorials HERE to know some of the power […]

FREE Korg ESX Samples: Modified/ Circuit Bent CX500

I just listened to some of the samples of the cheesy CX500 keyboard that I circuit bent and modified and I was blown away by how crazy some of the sounds were and it made me want to load them into my Korg ESX right away and start tweaking them. Of course, then I had […]

FREE Casio PT-10 Drums in Kontakt Format

Here’s just a little peek at the glitchy and crazy drum type sounds I got out of my circuit bent Casio PT-10. I have been loading these samples into Logic’s Ultrabeat, Kontakt and my Korg Electribe, all with great success. They are raunchy, but not exactly chip-tune. I used Kontakt’s built in scripts to add […]