FREE 80’s Drum Samples (32kHz) & Korg DSS-1 Multisounds

I recently edited some samples of classic 80’s drum machines to load into my Korg DSS-1 with the Straylight Engineering upgrade. The drum hits were processed and trimmed in Ableton, then downsampled to 32kHz. Since I have 16mb of space, I was not too worried about tightening them up much, so if you are able […]

Korg DSS-1 Tips and Techniques

Be sure to check out my Korg DSS-1 Disks. Vinyl Drums and Modern Analog Drums and Synths Only $20 each. Now that I have had my Korg DSS-1 for some time I have gotten a handle on how the machine works. I would like to share what I have learned so others interested in this […]

FREE Casio PT-10 Drums in Kontakt Format

Here’s just a little peek at the glitchy and crazy drum type sounds I got out of my circuit bent Casio PT-10. I have been loading these samples into Logic’s Ultrabeat, Kontakt and my Korg Electribe, all with great success. They are raunchy, but not exactly chip-tune. I used Kontakt’s built in scripts to add […]

Setting an 1176 Style Compressor

One of the great tools in an engineer’s arsenal is the compressor. If you are unfamiliar with compressors and how to use them, try looking at Sound on Sound’s article hereā€¦ If you are familiar with compression, but can’t get that 1176 style compressor to sound good, then fear not. When I first tried […]