FREE 80’s Drum Samples (32kHz) & Korg DSS-1 Multisounds

I recently edited some samples of classic 80’s drum machines to load into my Korg DSS-1 with the Straylight Engineering upgrade. The drum hits were processed and trimmed in Ableton, then downsampled to 32kHz. Since I have 16mb of space, I was not too worried about tightening them up much, so if you are able […]

Ableton Drum Step Sequencer for APC40 (no Max for Live)

I recently got an Akai APC40 to use with Ableton, and have been having fun with it’s features. Right off the bat I could tell that it could really use other “user-modes” like the Launchpad, which would allow you to map the grid/ clip matrix buttons to other things. Turns out that through some crafty […]

Yamaha RY8 Drum Machine Review

I picked up this little Yamaha RY8 drum machine the other day for $30 hoping to have some fun circuit bending it, but it is full of surface mount components. That coupled with the face that everything mainly comes off one chip makes it a little of a non-starter for bending. That doesn’t mean that […]