Multi-Tap Delay using Ableton native effects

Here is a quick tip on how to make interesting Multi-Tap Delays using only native effects in Ableton Live. You can totally customize each “step” of the delay and in theory you can make Multi-Tap Delays with many more taps than demonstrated here. What I do is create an effect rack with multiple “chains”. Then […]

APC40 Step Sequencer with APC64-40 Script

If you use Ableton Live, have an APC40 and like step sequencing then I have something for you. This awesome midi remote script will turn your APC40 into a 5 part 64 note step sequencer. It even allows you to manipulate the loop length and start points in real-time. The step sequencer also allows you […]

Clyphx and SYSEX for Ableton and the Korg DSS-1

I came across Native Kontrol’s Clyphx recently and have been having a lot of fun with it. I created a visual editor for Ableton to program my trusty Korg DSS-1, but you can actually use it to control any hardware which receives SYSEX messages. It even allows you to scale the value that the knob […]

Export audio in Ableton without warping it

It was a dark, damp and cold day when I heard a rapping at my chamber door. I sat there staring at my computer wondering where it all went wrong… my audio editing that is. After spending a few hours editing a large chunk of audio in session view (I’m sure this isn’t the best […]