Ensoniq ESQ-1 repair and modification (realtime filter sweeps)

I recently got an Ensoniq ESQ-1 for a steal, but it needed some repairs. While repairing it I realized there was one modification that could vastly improve the realtime control of the keyboard: add a potentiometer to control the filter (or any modulatable parameter) in realtime! First I want to give a little bit of […]

Multi-Tap Delay using Ableton native effects

Here is a quick tip on how to make interesting Multi-Tap Delays using only native effects in Ableton Live. You can totally customize each “step” of the delay and in theory you can make Multi-Tap Delays with many more taps than demonstrated here. What I do is create an effect rack with multiple “chains”. Then […]

Ableton “Wavetable” Synth using Simpler

A while ago, I wanted a simple “wavetable” style synth. I love the Moog Animoog app on my phone which is a “wavetable” synth and thought I might use that in conjunction with Ableton. After some research, I ran across some interesting info about how to load samples into Animoog, and I did just that […]

Stacking and Browsing Drum Samples on Ableton PUSH like NI Maschine

This is how to browse your samples and stack drum sounds in Ableton Live’s drum racks directly from the PUSH. Once you create a blank template Drum Rack, which can be loaded from the PUSH, you can browse and even layer drum samples onto a pad directly from the PUSH without looking at your computer. […]