Korg DSS-1 Tips and Techniques

Be sure to check out my Korg DSS-1 Disks. Vinyl Drums and Modern Analog Drums and Synths Only $20 each. Now that I have had my Korg DSS-1 for some time I have gotten a handle on how the machine works. I would like to share what I have learned so others interested in this […]

Yamaha RY8 Drum Machine Review

I picked up this little Yamaha RY8 drum machine the other day for $30 hoping to have some fun circuit bending it, but it is full of surface mount components. That coupled with the face that everything mainly comes off one chip makes it a little of a non-starter for bending. That doesn’t mean that […]

Review: Korg DSS-1

Korg DSS-1 Hybrid Synth Keyboard Wow! All I can say is that if you have never tried a keyboard with true, honest to goodness analog filters, you need to! This keyboard is a hybrid synth which uses 12-bit samples in place of the traditional analog VCO or DCO (like the Juno-106), but the synthesis signal […]