DIY Midi A/B box

I recently realized how often I am plugging and unplugging my midi cables. What I needed was a midi A/B box which allowed me to select input A, B or none at all to feed my Korg DSS-1 keyboard. After a quick search online I ran across some solutions, but not anything in my budget […]

Korg DSS-1 Tips and Techniques

Be sure to check out my Korg DSS-1 Disks. Vinyl Drums and Modern Analog Drums and Synths Only $20 each. Now that I have had my Korg DSS-1 for some time I have gotten a handle on how the machine works. I would like to share what I have learned so others interested in this […]

FREE Korg ESX Samples: Modified/ Circuit Bent CX500

I just listened to some of the samples of the cheesy CX500 keyboard that I circuit bent and modified and I was blown away by how crazy some of the sounds were and it made me want to load them into my Korg ESX right away and start tweaking them. Of course, then I had […]

FREE Casio PT-10 Drums in Kontakt Format

Here’s just a little peek at the glitchy and crazy drum type sounds I got out of my circuit bent Casio PT-10. I have been loading these samples into Logic’s Ultrabeat, Kontakt and my Korg Electribe, all with great success. They are raunchy, but not exactly chip-tune. I used Kontakt’s built in scripts to add […]

Midipipe Tutorial

Midipipe is a great little utility program which works like a virtual midi port. It allows you to alter your incoming or outgoing midi messages. The problem is that it isn’t exactly straight forward for those of us who aren’t midi programmers and have to look up what a NRPN is, myself included. For this […]

Circuit Bending Tip #1

If you need to change a potentiometer’s value to work with your project, you can use some simple math to alter an existing potentiometer’s maximum and minimum range. This is something I recently learned after I realized that a 5k potentiometer’s travel was too wide, and I wanted to reduce my potentiometer’s value to between […]