FREE 80’s Drum Samples (32kHz) & Korg DSS-1 Multisounds

I recently edited some samples of classic 80’s drum machines to load into my Korg DSS-1 with the Straylight Engineering upgrade. The drum hits were processed and trimmed in Ableton, then downsampled to 32kHz. Since I have 16mb of space, I was not too worried about tightening them up much, so if you are able to load them into a stock DSS-1 they might be a little heavy on RAM.

I have included the raw 32kHz .wav samples as well as Multisounds that I created on the DSS-1.

Some of the Multisounds are spaced all the way across the keyboard so I can choose which pitch of a particular hit I want to use. Often I like these old samples to be pitched down, and I haven’t settled on a great way to space them across the keyboard.

Drum machines:
Sequential Drumtrax (DRUMTRAX.DMS)
Roland TR-606 (TR-606__.DMS)
Roland TR-505 (TR-505__.DMS)
Oberheim DMX (OB_DMX.DMS)
Linndrum LM-1 (LINN_LM1.DMS)
Linndrum LM-1 sampled into machine for lo-fi grit (LINN_DRM.DMS)

Download them for free here:


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