Ableton PUSH tips/ hidden tricks (9.1.4)

I have had the PUSH for a while now and there are some simple things that I only recently discovered. Hopefully you already know these tips, but if you don’t they may be super useful. Personally I am surprised at how the manual didn’t really talk about these features much and I hardly see people using them in tutorial or performance videos. I hope to find more things, or as updates come out I will add to this list.

In Notes/Sequencing Mode:

  1. In drum rack sequencing mode, to apply Nudge, Length, Fine or Velocity adjustments to all notes programmed in the clip for that particular drum, hold “Select” and press the pad you want to adjust. Hold the pad down while the Nudge, Length, Fine and Velocity Range appear on knobs 5-8. Adjust to taste and it will affect all the notes programmed.
  2. To quantize all notes programmed in a clip for one particular drum, press and hold “Quantize” then press the pad that you want to quantize with the existing quantiize setting and only that one pad will be quantized to the new setting.
  3. To delete just all notes of one drum’s performance, press and hold “Delete” while you press the pad that you want to delete. Just the performance for that drum is deleted.
  4. To Mute or Solo one drum, press and hold the Mute or Solo button then press the pad you want to Mute or Solo.
  5. To Mute a single note (drum or instrument step sequence mode), press and hold the Mute button then press the note you want to Mute within the step sequnce.
  6. To Stop clips while still in the Notes (sequencing) mode, hold the Stop button below the Master button and choose the corresponding track yellow button beneath the screen. No need to enter “Session” mode.
  7. To Mute or Solo a Track when in Notes (sequencing) mode, Hold either the Mute or Solo button and select the corresponding track yellow button beneath the screen. This works only whan the display is in “Volume”, “Pan & Sens”, “Track”, or “Clip” modes.
  8. To delete knob automation, hold “Delete” and lightly touch the knob that corresponds to the automation you want erased.
  9. To reenable all automation that you have manually overridden press and hold Shift and press the Automation button.
  10. Create “Automation” prior to your performance. When using some effects, or an effect rack like my master racks you can hold a note within the sequencer lane of either the drum or note sequencer, and the top left buttons let you choose if you want to edit note or automation data. Elect Automation data and adjust some knobs to taste. Then when you perform live, the automation is already there. I especially dig this when using the “Repeat” button and playing drum beats.

In Session Mode:

  1. To Delete a clip, hold Delete and press the clip you want to delete.
  2. To Duplicate a clip, press and hold Duplicate while selecting the clip.
  3. Clips that are playing can be Quantized in Session mode. Hold Quantize and select the clip you want to Quantize.
  4. Octave up and Octave down buttons move the session focus up or down in groups of 8
  5. Shift in Session mode brings up the overview mode to jump vertically or horizontally by large amounts.
  6. Clips can be doubled in Session mode by holding “Double” and selecting the clip you want to double.
  7. Shift + Stop stops all clips
  8. It is possible in session mode to record automation to a “silent” dummy clip as long as you “hard record-enable” the track.
  9. Quantize can be applied to Audio Clips using the Quantize button

Any mode:

  1. Press and hold Shift while pressing Undo in order to “Redo” your last action
  2. Track selection button can be held to “expand” grouped tracks
  3. To Delete a track, select “Track” mode for your display, hold “Delete” and select track you want to delete
  4. To Delete an effect or instrument device, select “Device” mode for your display, hold “Delete” and select device you want to delete

PXT Live tips (this is a cool script add on for the PUSH, and probably worth it for a few of the features alone)

  1. Step automation of audio and midi clips. Useful for also automating “dummy clips” which are placed on a processing track to mess with any tracks being fed into it. (tom cosm style)

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I was trying to download some of your free Korg DSS-1 Multisamples and it is asking me for a password. Can you let me know what the password is please?



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