Multi-Tap Delay using Ableton native effects

Here is a quick tip on how to make interesting Multi-Tap Delays using only native effects in Ableton Live. You can totally customize each “step” of the delay and in theory you can make Multi-Tap Delays with many more taps than demonstrated here.

What I do is create an effect rack with multiple “chains”. Then I leave one chain empty in order to pass the dry signal through. I then map the level for this chain to Macro Knob #1. Then I duplicate it. Re-map the level for the second chain to Macro Knob #2 and insert a delay into this chain. I set the feedback to 0% and the mix to 100%, so all that we will hear through this chain is the delayed signal, and it will not feed back into itself, so we just hear one discrete echo. Then just duplicate this step and set the delay time to whatever you want. In this example I have each consecutive chain’s delay time synchronized to the tempo and set to the next possible increment. You could however change that up and do any combination of time or sync’d delay you want and easily adjust each “step’s” volume using macro knobs. You need to dive into each delay if you want to change the tone or pitch shifting (like I do in the demo) for each step, but I find that once it is set up, I leave it alone.

Hopefully you understand how I created it so you can make one yourself. If you are totally lost, contact me and I can send you an effect rack which is already setup.
Hopefully this inspires some of you to play around and make good music.



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