Korg ESX Sample Pack #4

This sample pack is packed with sounds. There are vinyl drums, aggressive drums, evolving synth tones, chords, single cycle oscillators, loops, circuit bent loops, glitchy loops and more.

This pack grew out of a working template that I was putting together for Agressive/ Dubstep/ Glitch Hop/ Instrumental Hip Hop style music. It includes a few new workarounds for the ESX to give you more than 2 melodic parts, evolving/complextro synths, chords that can be played in real-time with the keyboard part and more.

One workaround is using a long evolving synth tone and changing the Sample Start time to get drastically different tones during a sequence. Use motion sequence automation to get Complextro style sounds. Another is recording a scale ascending and using the sample start point to “choose” which note you play. This allows you to select different notes in realtime using drum parts instead of the 2 keyboard parts. You can create melodies with Drum Parts! I also have some chords in there like my other pack. Play it forward for a major chord and reverse it for a minor chord.

Check out the two videos about the sample pack.





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