CTRLR will change your synth editing life!

I am a little bit obsessed with programming my Korg DSS-1. I have used hardware which sends SYSEX, Logic editors, Ableton with Clyphx, and have recently built my own editor in CTRLR.

CTRLR, is a platform for both PC and Mac which allows you to create GUI interfaces to create and manipulate midi and SYSEX information. It can be run as either a stand-alone program or as a plugin in your DAW of choice. This software rocks!

I created an interface to work with the Korg DSS-1, and I would love your input an assistance to make it even better, or you can just download it and use it as-is.

A few caveats about the editor…
1. There are two variation: One DSS-1 for the standard DSS-1, One DSS-1X for the upgraded Tom Virostek model with 16mb.
2. Make sure that the DSS-1 is in play mode (Program Parameter should not be highlighted)
3. The DSS-1 has a glitch in it. When altering the time on the DDL-2, the value is recognized, but it doesn’t seem to “catch” until you edit on the DSS-1. So you will have to set the value via CTRLR, then press Program Parameter on the DSS-1. Select 92, and then I typically adjust the value up one, then back down by one. Press Program Parameter to get back out of editing mode, and everything should be fine.

Download image

To DOWNLOAD, you need to be a follower of my blog (The “Follow/Download” button is in the left sidebar near the top). You will get a confirmation email with your download code.


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