FREE: Korg DSS-1 Multisamples

This is going to be a bit of an ongoing list of some Korg DSS-1 Multisamples which you can download for free. I recently got an upgraded DSS-1 from Tom Virostek, and have been loading in oscillator shapes and other sounds via the USB/SD card.

These sounds only work with the Korg DSS-1 Tom Virostek Upgraded keyboard. They are in .DMS format.

Single Cycle Waveforms:

  • Oberheim Pulse
  • Oberheim Triangle
  • Oberheim Saw
  • Digital Saw
  • Digital Square
  • 3 Bit Double Square
  • 3 Bit 4 ME
    These waves are Mathematically perfect waves created on the DSS-1. Only 8 samples long, the values are either full maximum or full minimum.

  • Mathematically perfect Pulse 12%
  • Mathematically perfect Pulse 25%
  • Mathematically perfect Pulse 37%
  • Mathematically perfect Pulse 50%

Anyone who wants to contribute, please contact me and I can add some more files to the list.


Download image

To DOWNLOAD THE FILE, you need to be a follower of my blog (The “Follow/Download” button is in the left sidebar near the top). You will get a confirmation email with your download code.


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