FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT: Mini Drumset – Round Robin multisample

Mini Set

This is the drumset multisample that I am talking about in this post. It is a kid’s drumset, but don’t expect it to sound trashy, it has decent heads on it and I made a good faith effort to tune it. I recorded it with a Rode NT1 in mono in a relatively live room, so there is a nice ambiance to it.

In case you didn’t read the post about this instrument, it makes use of a few Kontakt scripts in order to randomize the sample amongst roughly 5 samples of each drum and cymbal. It sounds pretty realistic, but due to the quick recording session I was unable to record hundreds of hits and weed out the ones with drastically different timbres and tuning.

Download image

To DOWNLOAD the 16mb Kontakt 4 instrument, you need to be a follower of my blog (The “Follow/Download” button is in the left sidebar near the top). You will get a confirmation email with your download code.



3 thoughts on “FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT: Mini Drumset – Round Robin multisample

    • Hello. If you download the Mini Drumset, the scripts should already be within the instrument. They are not locked with a password if that is what you are asking. You can easily copy them into your “presets” and apply them to other Kontakt instruments, but you may need to re-assign the notes within the script.
      Good Luck.

  1. ey thanks i want to try these script i am starting to use samples and i want to avoid the machine gun effect .
    sorry for my english

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