Clyphx and SYSEX for Ableton and the Korg DSS-1

I came across Native Kontrol’s Clyphx recently and have been having a lot of fun with it. I created a visual editor for Ableton to program my trusty Korg DSS-1, but you can actually use it to control any hardware which receives SYSEX messages. It even allows you to scale the value that the knob sends (such as 0-64 instead of 0-127).

To use this Ableton set, you need to download Clyphx (version 2.1.4 is what I have) and install it into your Ableton Live Midi Remote Scripts. Then you need to set it up as a control surface within Ableton. Your midi output may vary, so it may be necessary to set that as well within Ableton.

For those of you who want to use Clyphx with another device besides the Korg DSS-1, you will need to edit the “User Config” text file that comes with Clyphx. It should be within the folder that contains the Midi Remote Script and it is called “”. You can edit it with text edit. It is relatively simple to plop in your sysex messages. Just keep to the layout so that your parenthesis and brackets are in the right spot. The “nn” value in the sysex message is the moveable value that the macro knob will be inserting it’s value into.

Then within Ableton you just need to create midi racks and make sure the name starts with “nk MIDI”. When you name the macros, be very specific to name them exactly what you named them in the file. Sometimes it is a bit fiddly when changing names, so you need to click on another track and/or another rack to make sure it re-scans any changes.

What is so powerful about Clyphx in Ableton is that you can create “snap” clips which remember each knobs settings. Then you can take and drop the “snap” clip into your library for use in other projects. It can act like a “preset” library for your external device.

I explain most of this in the video, but contact me with any questions you might have.

Good luck and enjoy!


Download image

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4 thoughts on “Clyphx and SYSEX for Ableton and the Korg DSS-1

  1. Hello, Im trying to control my Oberheim Matrix-6r & a Roland MKS-50 in Ableton. Both synths speak SYSEX. I’m Running Ableton Live 9.0.1. My Question is. Can I use Clyphx to control Multiple sythns in the same session using Ableton 9. Also, Is there a manual on how to use “text edit” to customize Clyphx to work with my synths?

  2. I re-opend a post from 2006 about my love for the DSS-1 and mentioned the File you made for CLYPHX today 🙂 with a link

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