APC40 FX Step Sequencer for Ableton (no Max for Live)


After having some fun with my Ableton APC40 drum step sequencer here, I thought it would be cool if there was a way to apply the same step sequencing (x0x style step sequencer) to effects. It turned out to be relatively easy to do.

First, to use this Ableton project file you will need to download and install the awesome remote scipt called APC40_21 (or APC40_20) by Hanz Petrov at http://remotescripts.blogspot.com/.
The link is about 10% down from the top on this page
http://remotescripts.blogspot.com/p/support-files.html What makes this script so cool is that you basically have 6 “User Modes” on the APC40 like the Novation Launchpad “user modes”. Pressing “Shift+Track selection 3-8” gives you other modes which send static midi notes for the clip matrix. This allows you to have all the functionality of the APC40 without sacrificing anything plus the step sequencer as well as other banks which you can use to map buttons to your hearts delight.

The video here explains the FX STEPPER pretty good, but I neglect to mention that when you stop the FX STEPPER you will need to turn off any Effect Chain “speaker icons” that may have stayed lit. Because of the nature of this sequencer, the effect is turned on and a fraction of a second before the next step the effect is turned off again. If you stop the sequencer before the effect is turned back off, it will reverse latch and the effect will turn Off then On for each step instead of the other way.

This project file is automatically mapped to the APC40 (with the APC40_21 script installed on your computer).

Download image

To DOWNLOAD, you need to be a follower of my blog (The “Follow/Download” button is in the left sidebar near the top). You will get a confirmation email with your download code.



3 thoughts on “APC40 FX Step Sequencer for Ableton (no Max for Live)

  1. whoa!
    this is one of the best controller setups I have encountered and I am not just impressed but really happy to have found it! For numerous reasons! Would not have thought of the APC40 as so powerful! Big thanks!
    unfortunately though, everything except the FX Stepper works. The activation buttons in the fx sequencer do not trigger the Fx monitors of the return channel. I am not entirely sure how this is setup so I can’t really get to the bottom of where the issue hails from. I am running Live 8.2.5 (still), on OSX10.7, installed the API MakeDoc as well as the required APC 64 40 python — but the effects won’t come into play. anything I am missing out on!? help appreciated.
    big thanks, once again!

    • Hello, thanks for your interest. A few things to make sure first…
      Keep in mind that everything is basically just midi mapped to a button on the APC40.
      I am also using the APC40 21 script here which allows user modes, but does not have an internal sequencer like the APC 64 40.
      I have switched to using the APC 64 40 script and I love the internal sequencer. It should be no problem to remap the thing to work with my fx stepper. I’ll look into it.
      To try and get your setup to work, make sure that you have the APC 64 40 or APC 40 21 script selected as your control surface.
      Start your clip.
      On the APC 40, press shift while pressing track select 7 (or 8 for the second half of the bar). This puts the APC into user mode.
      The APC 40 should start blinking horizontally across the track select buttons.
      You won’t hear the effect unless you change the Crossfader to “B” to fade to that half of the mixer (so you are listening to only the effect return)

      I hope that works, but I will look into remapping the APC 64 40 script’s sequencer which could be easier.


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