2-11-13; My 3rd track off ≥ LAZY

This tune uses a lot of my Korg DSS-1. It made the awesome pads in the intro, the bass line (kind of sounds like a muted bass guitar) and the Kick is a sample from my DSS-1 “Modern Analog Drums and Synths” Disk. All the rest of the synths parts were made on the Korg DSS-1 as well and the drums and percussion were done in Ableton.

With this tune, I wanted a more mellow and warm intro with a heavy 4 on the floor kick/ gut punch. The beat was so nice and chill that I wanted it to go on much longer in this ambient style but I couldn’t hold out too long before I wanted some crazy synth bass arpeggios, à la Super Mario Brothers. So I manually entered the notes for the crazy bass octave jumps and arpeggios.

Near the end I was doing some editing and leaning on my DSS-1 keys by accident and I happened to be hitting a high note that worked with the music. It was too cool, so I sampled it in and layered it with my trippy pad and outro bass.

One thing I really have trouble with is that I come from a rock and roll and pop background, so I am always feeling that structurally the songs need to have sections like a verse or chorus. I am trying to just listen to the music and let it tell me what to do next, but I feel like I need to un-training myself. Soon I may be able to write songs with more structure, but not “pop song” structure. For now I am just through composing everything. No repeated sections.

With these tunes I find that I am forced to just make decisions and move on. There are always notes I want to fix, drum fills I want to program or things like that, but I look at this as my raw material for live performances more than a finished product. If in one year I have a whole heap of great riffs to use live and some material to be totally polished up into songs, I will be happy.


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