1-28-13: My first Track from ≥ LAZY

This is the first piece from my 52 week series of a new song each week I am calling ≥ LAZY . Owing that I will be using all my creativity up to create the music, I am unable to come up with witty names, hence the songs will most likely be named after the date which I release them.

This piece also marks a departure for me as well, because I have started using Ableton as my production DAW. I have moved away from Logic Pro and now use Ableton with my APC40. This is going to take some getting used to, but I feel that I have laid the groundwork, I have built templates and gotten my workflow happening. I have also worked on getting my Korg DSS-1 and my Korg ESX into the mix.

This piece uses a drum beat and bass line which I programmed on my APC40. The drums are not difficult to sequence with the APC40, the pads are just a little small. The bass line was harder to play because of the strange layout, but I was able to make use of the 4 octaves at my disposal much easier than on a keyboard, hence the cool, disjunct jumping baseline at the end. (I use a custom script which I got here from Hanz Petrov called APC40-21. It allows you to use the APC40 like the launchpad, where you have “User Modes” that can send midi notes out for each “scene launch” button. Hence, I can play melodies with the APC40. The link is about 10% down from the top on this page

For this piece, I triple-tracked the bass. One bass is from Operator and two are layers from my Korg DSS-1. The Korg DSS-1 can do great synth sounds and has a nice analog filter, but it is somewhat limited in the modulation department. I had to program and perform in the pitch bend, mod. wheel and filter LFO in realtime. The rest of the sounds are “in-the-box”.

The song is a bit “through composed” and does not really have a structure that I can speak of, but the song dictated its own creation, I was not in complete control of that…

Cheers and see you next week,

LAZY with edge


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