Circuit Bent Yamaha SHS-10 Sample Pack

Yamaha SHS-10 Logo
The Yamaha SHS-10…
A Devil with a red plastic case

This little FM synth / midi guitar was really aimed at a consumer market, but there are some awesome circuit bending possibilities locked inside.

Each sample was meticulously garnered through only Boutique preamps, recorded using the finest quality cables and converters at 900kHz, 6000bit sampling…Ha Ha, who are you kidding, these are some raw and raunchy recorded samples. The samples have been normalized, but not compressed. They have been warped within Ableton and the associated analysis files are included.

This sample pack includes samples straight from the Yamaha SHS-10: A mix of 31 one shots and 113 loops. FM goodness.

This is a 39mb ZIP file. Samples are 16 bit 44.1kHz .wav files.


If you enjoy these and use them in any projects, please let me know. I would love to hear the music you make with these samples.
Samples are licensed to you for use in any music that you make, but are not to be repackaged or re-sold in any way.



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