Export audio in Ableton without warping it

It was a dark, damp and cold day when I heard a rapping at my chamber door. I sat there staring at my computer wondering where it all went wrong… my audio editing that is. After spending a few hours editing a large chunk of audio in session view (I’m sure this isn’t the best way, but I am still learning Ableton) I realized my flaw. I had chopped up one long file into smaller loops for my upcoming “Circuit Bent Sounds” sample pack when I realized that freezing or exporting the audio from Ableton would warp it to tempo. (The scary music swells as the camera zooms in) Argh! I had used session view so I could play with clips and alter the warp markers to see if it made a nice loop. At that point though, I wanted to export the section of original file that the loop was in its original timing in order to get the best sound quality. Later the loops can be warped within projects as needed. I didn’t want a warp audio clip to then later get warped, I wanted the original cropped section from the original file.
After searching online I found nothing satisfactory, so I came up with my own solution.
When trying to export just a section of audio from a larger file I read that you could freeze the clips, then navigate to your project folder, and under the Samples/Processed/Freeze folder there would be new trimmed audio files. The problem with this is A: audio is warped to tempo and B: the audio file is doubled in length, meaning a 1 bar loop gets repeated and the resultant file is 2 bars in length. Ableton does this to catch any tail end from effects of the first repeat so it loops without chopping/clicking.
Then I read that you can drag the clips into arrangement view before freezing them. This resulted in the same A and B scenario as freezing the clips in session view.
Aha! I thought.

The answer is so simple,
In session view, select the clips you want to export, then right click and choose Crop. This creates a new audio file for each clip in the project folder under Samples/Processed/Crop. The new files only as long as the clip and they are the original tempo. Problem A and B solved.

I hope this helps…


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