IDM on the Korg ESX

Here is a little video of some IDM inspired music. If you aren’t familiar with IDM, just do an internet search or check out Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Apparat, Flying Lotus.

I have been getting into generative artwork and generative music lately, so I wanted to do some experiments with my Korg ESX to see what sort of IDM style sounds I could coax out of it. Not surprisingly, I was able to make some pretty nice loops using lots of Motion Sequences of parameters like LFO rate and depth, pitch, effect parameters like reverb time and depth, or the grain delay. The Korg ESX has the ability to keep churning out new variations if you have the modulation set to a random wave. Every repetition is different!

By first recording only the automation, then later choosing the pattern that the samples play, I was able to create a very interesting glitched out pattern without falling into any of my standard pitfalls of how a drum rhythm should be or sound. It is almost like “accidental” music, but it sometimes creates some cool beginnings of tracks.


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