Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack Disk “Vinyl Drums”

$20 disk
or $7 direct download
(for the modified/upgraded DSS-1 only)

This disks has a selection of Vinyl Drum hits which includes a selection of 28 Kick drums, 28 Snares, 16 Closed Hi-hats, 12 Open Hi-Hats, 16 Percussion and 4 Tom samples. The Disk also contains originally programmed synth sounds including 12 Basses, 8 Leads, 4 Pads and 8 Arp/Pluck sounds.
All of the sounds were sampled into the Korg with a rather hot signal (analog clipping!) which really gives them some grit and character. They were also sampled at 16kHz which makes them “lo-fi”, but to me they are still punch, in-your-face and warm. Perhaps this is because of the analog nature of the sampler. You can also hear the use of some of the filters in the demo creating an auto-filtered sound. The DSS also has the ability to reduce the Bit Depth to 6 bits, so there are some programs set to 6 Bit.

Basically the layout is such that each system (A-D) has a selection of 14 Kicks, 14 Snares, 8 Closed Hi-hats, 6 Open Hi-hats, 4 Percussion and 1 Tom. There is also a selection of synth sounds. 7 Kicks and 7 Snares have been put in their own Multisound (Kit “A”), and the rest of the drums in their own Multisound (Perc “A”). This is doubled in order to give you Kit “B” and Perc “B”. There are 4 total “Kit” Multisounds and 4 total “Perc” Multisounds on the disk, so system C mixes up the first 2 “Kit” Multisounds with the second 2 “Perc” Multisounds. Then system D mixes up the second 2 “Kit” Multisounds with the first 2 “Perc” Multisounds, I hope that makes sense, but I also include a few pdf documents laying everything out.

Then there are the synth sounds which are individual to each system. They all use created single cycle waveforms made on the DSS-1, but the programming is original.

This took a few months to get together and I hope that you can enjoy it as much as I do. I feel vindicated and no longer want a “classic” vintage sampler (S900 or MPC60) since I can get much of the same sound, plus some nice filters on my DSS-1. I still can’t believe that I managed to fit 104 samples on a 712k disk…

$20 including shipping (within the continental US) for the one disk. Shipping outside US must be calculated.

If you are interested in getting a disk, contact me below. I will send you my email address and you can transfer money via Paypal. Then I will send a disk via USPS which should arrive in about 4-5 days.

If you own an upgraded DSS-1 (by Tom Virostek), it is possible to send just a digital copy. If you would like a digital copy which is compatible only with the upgraded DSS-1, please purchase one here…

$7 Direct Download (Only for the Upgraded DSS-1)

If you have purchased this disk, or have a comment on it, please post it below at the bottom of the page.


Here are a few documents about the Sample Disk Programs and the layout of sounds.


A little demo of some of the drum kits on this disk. No external processing has been used. The same 2 loops are used, but the kit is changed.


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