Edirol PCR-30: Assigning Sysex to knobs

I recently got this keyboard for a few reasons, one being that it could send sysex from its knobs out the midi port to my Korg DSS-1. Here is a quick explanation of how to do that. It should apply to most other hardware, but of course the sysex string is different.

I got the Sysex chart for the DSS-1 from Glen Stegner’s site devoted to the DSS-1 HERE

The chart is <a href="http://glenstegner.com/dss1/DSS1_Sysex.xls&quot; target="_blank">HERE

Setting the PCR 30 to send sysex to the DSS-1:

1.First press edit, then slightly move control knob you want to assign, then Enter
2.Then press the Sysex key (F#), then 1 (note F#), then Enter
3.The first “Byte” is there already, it should read F0, just press Enter
4.Then for the second “Byte” press 4, then 2 (note A, then G), then Enter
5.Then for the third “Byte” press 3, then 0 (note G#, then F), then Enter
6.Then for the fourth “Byte” press 0, then B (note F, then E), then Enter
7.Then for the fifth “Byte” press 4, then 1 (note A, then F#), then Enter
8.Then the sixth “Byte” . This one is different depending on what you are assigning the knob to on the DSS-1. Check the Sysex chart, then select the number, then press Enter.
9.Then for the Data “Byte” press Data (note A#), then Enter
10.Then the last “Byte”, F7 should already be there for you, just press enter.
11.Now you will enter the maximum range for the knob (in hexadecimal. There is a good online converter here…http://easycalculation.com/decimal-converter.php), then press enter
12.Now you will enter the minimum range for the knob (in hexadecimal, it is probably 00)
13.Choose your Port, typically P1 works if you are sending this to the DSS-1 directly with a midi cable.
14.You’re done!

Now to assign the rest you just copy the 1st knob you assigned:

1.Press Edit and slightly move the knob you want to assign, then press Enter
2.Now move the knob you want to copy the settings from, and press enter.

Now you will need to re-edit this second knob so that the sixth “Byte” and the minimum and maximum values match up to the parameter you are assigning it to.

1.Press Edit, and slightly move the knob you want to assign.
2.Everything should be set up properly, so just press enter 7 times in order to get to your sixth “Byte”. Enter the correct number, and press enter.
3.Press enter 3 times to get to your maximum field, enter the proper number and hit Enter.
4.Enter your minimum field and hit Enter.


Now I am no sysex master, in fact I barely know anything about it, but after a few hours I got my keyboards mapped and the rest is history.


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