Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack Disk “Modern Analog Drums and Synths”

$20 disk
$7 direct download (for the Upgraded Korg DSS-1 only)

This is my first Korg DSS-1 Sample Pack for sale, and I am really excited about it. If you have a DSS-1 or are thinking about getting one, it is a beast. Read my tips and tutorials HERE to know some of the power of this awesome machine.

This Disk contains 7 Drum Multisounds as well as 4 Synth Multisounds. I have laid out the drums in such a way that you have 22 drum sounds per Program. Each System contains one Multisound with 5 Kicks and 5 Snares, 2 Multisounds with 12 Percussion sounds, and 4 Synth Multisounds. The Synth Multisounds and some Percussion Multisounds are re-used for each System.

Each System also has 22 variations of Drum Kits. For example, there are clean kits, 6-bit kits, kits with phaser (using very short delays and modulation) and pitch bent kits. There are original synths for each system as well. 12 Bass, 12 Lead, 8 Pad and 8 Arpeggio friendly Programs total.

Needless to say, this took a lot of editing and time to put together, so I am asking for $20 including shipping (within the continental US) for the one disk. Shipping outside US must be calculated.

If you are interested in getting a disk, contact me below. I will send you my email address and you can transfer money via Paypal. Then I will send a disk via USPS which should arrive in about 4-5 days.

If you own an upgraded DSS-1 (by Tom Virostek), it is possible to send just a digital copy. If you would like a digital copy which is compatible only with the upgraded DSS-1, please buy it here…

$7 direct download for the Upgraded Korg DSS-1 only

If you have purchased this disk, or have a comment on it, please post it below at the bottom of the page.


A little demo of the sounds in action, with no external processing. The last 16 bars are just drum breaks showing off each of the 4 “Clean Kits”


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