Korg ESX Sample Pack #2

This is my 2nd Sample Pack for the Korg Electribe ESX. It is primarily analog sounds. Many come from the Dave Smith MOPHO and some are from Apple Logic’s Ultrabeat. There are loops from the TR-606, oscillator samples from the Adventure Kid archive, as well as a new, innovative group of samples created by me which allow you to play chord progressions on your Korg ESX using the Sample Start knob to “choose” what chord you are playing. (edit. You can also use the “Reverse” button to choose either Major or Minor chord). All of the Loops have had their length properly set to use with “Stretch” parts, and have been “Time Sliced” on individual hits can be used as one-shots for the drum parts.

You can purchase this sample pack via Sellfy and pay me through Paypal. I am only asking $4.99.

Buy the Sample Pack for $4.99 HERE!

Here is a little video explaining the sample set as well as the custom made chord samples…


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