Modified Boss ME-50 Review

If you are interested in having pure analog, vintage, boutique tone look elsewhere. If you want great customizable, programmable, convenient, verging on synth tones, with a decent univibe, check out the ME-50.
This pedal has been updated to the ME-70, but a few features were removed and a couple added. The ME-50 has a wider variety of distortions, choruses and reverbs, but it lacks the “slow gear” model, modulating delay, phrase looper, amp simulator and a few more.
The ME-50 has a great sounding compressor which works well on other instruments. In fact, I have been running synths and drum machines through it just to beef up the sound. Check out my RY8 review.
There are certainly other great reviews about this unit. The main reason that I wanted to post this review is to discuss the modifications I did to my ME-50. I decided that I wanted some realtime control of parameters, so I hijacked the potentiometers inside and put 1/4″ outputs on the back which allows me to control the ME-50 with an old modified Morley Volume pedal. Inside the ME-50 I tapped two lugs of each pot that I wanted to hijack, and ran it to the 1/4″ TRS jacks tip and ring, leaving the sleeve (ground) unconnected. Then on the Morley pedal I undid the previous wiring and connected the pot inside it to the tip and ring of the one TRS jack. I then use a short TRS 1/4″ to 1/4″ cable. It is like having two expression pedals for the ME-50. It has a tendency to glitch out sometimes when the selected parameter connected to the external pedal is set to its minimum value, so I just always make sure to set it to the minimum value I want the effect at before connecting the external pedal.
The metal was tough to get through with my dull drill, so ignore the bad craftsmanship.