Circuit Bent/ Modified Belcat DLY-303 Analog Delay Pedal

This pedal is not to bad for the price. I believe I paid about $40 for it a few years ago. The build quality is not too bad, except that the On/Off switch is really just a circuit mounted tiny thing, and the large metal button has a small spring under it to push the tiny switch when the metal plunger bottoms out. Overall though, it isn’t much worse than some of the true Analog delay pedals out there. (Memory Toy, I’m looking at you!).

The Belcat DLY-303 “Analog” delay pedal really just uses a PT2399 digital chip and must have some tone shaping to make it sound more “Analog”, but it is a fun mod and a useful pedal. I have done 3 mods: One infinite decay (jumper a resistor), Short/Long delay switch (another jumper on a resistor) and a 1/4″ TRS jack which allows me to patch in an expression pedal or Light Dependent Resistor in order to control the delay time with my pedal or light in real time.

In the video, I use the pedal like an external effect processor with Logic Audio. There are sometimes where the signal is too loud coming out of Logic, but it does have the ability to change that. Actually there are adjustments for both the input and output volume, but I forgot to set it with the Bass track in the video, so it gets a little fuzzy towards the end. That is what I love about analog gear though (yes, the Belcat is Digital, but all the input buffers and amps are analog before the digital delay) is that you can slam it with sound and get cool breakup which digital gear doesn’t try to emulate since you are “abusing” the gear.

I believe these are the specs of mods for this pedal, it has been a while since I opened mine and can’t remember what I did.

– Connect 10K resistor in parallel with R4 to for infinite delays/feedback.
– R18 controls delay time range swap out for 4.7K resistor for ultra short delays or 47K for super long (600ms maybe)