Fixing the Korg DSS-1 keyboard bed to be quieter

If your DSS-1 is anything like mine, over 25 years of use has compacted the felt that cushions the keys when they are pressed and released. That being said, you might be best to just let it be noisy, since during the process of taking the keys off and getting them back on, I broke 2.
After some testing I figured out how to get the individual keys out. The keys slide out towards the front of the keyboard. It turns out that it is easiest to remove the entire keybed and flip it upside down. Then you will see two small tangs which secure the keys to the keybed chassis. Use a finger between the two tangs to pry the two plastic hinges away from each other to dislodge the keys. The order of removing and installing the keys is also important. You need to remove the white keys first and install the black keys first.
Once I got all the keys off, I glued new felt strips on top of the original ones. No big deal, but lots of prep work! Again, this did help the clacky noise, but at the cost of two broken keys. Luckily there were some on eBay.
This repair is not for the faint of heart. It took a couple hours plus I was lucky to find replacement keys to fix the broken ones. I recommend just living with the noise, or using a different master controller.

The cost of messing with 25 year old plastic