Moon Gels are too expensive!

Sometimes in life you just wish that you were the one who thought of a simple idea. Just this weekend my class was preparing a drum set for recording. I went to the local music store and got some moon gels to help tame the toning drums. No problem, except they are $8 for four small pieces of sticky gel that you can get elsewhere super cheap. Many craft stores have these things called “window clings” or “gel gems”. Same exact thing and about $2 for a dozen shaped pieces. If you are feeling festive you can choose hearts, bats, butterflies or something else, or you might find the sets where you can cut your own shapes. I wish I was the entrepreneur who came up with the idea of taking an existing product, marking it up 400% and selling it to drummers. Either way I won’t ever be without them for drum sessions and unless desperate I won’t buy the $8 moon gels which sometimes you need two packages of!
Check out these for $0.99!
Gel Gems on Amazon