My newest album is titled “The Tender Side of Brutto Bello” and it is an instrumental electronic album inspired by more mellow Synthwave and Chill-hop. Please check it out and share it if you dig it. You can find my other albums there as well.

This website is for anyone who wants help with learning music production, needs tips on software or hardware, or is looking for an accurate list of music related links. Hopefully you can garner some new techniques to help you with your musical creation. I would really like to take a full approach to this blogs articles on music creation, focussing not only on the gear, but also the physical, emotional and logistical elements of music creation.

My name is Nick Salerno. I have been a multi-instrumentalist and composer for over 25 years. During my career as a musician I have played in numerous bands on various instruments as well as singing. From playing keys in a tongue and cheek lounge band that covered TV themes and 80s songs, guitar and bass in rock and blues bands, or drums in punk band, accordion, trumpet, ukulele, banjo, cello, viola, pedal steel. If you can name it, I have probably played it, or at least know what it is.

After attending college, my horizons began to expand to include jazz, classical and avante garde music. It was here that I began my formal study or recording on analog boards and tape machines right along side ADAT and DAT machines. My graduate project was to write, and record an original rock opera wherein all parts were played or sung by myself.

After college, I moved to New Orleans and took in the Dixieland swing. After a short stint as a street musician there, I returned to Los Angeles and attended college to pursue a Master’s degree in Commercial Music Composition. My thesis project was a re-score of the classic silent film Metropolis by Fritz Lang using an orchestral and electronic ensemble.

Over the years, between playing with various bands, I produced 2 original full length solo albums which were predominantly written and recorded in Florence Italy. I continue to produce my own as well as other’s music.

A fan of analog gear and strange homemade noise machines I have recently become enamored with more electronic music styles and began to integrate them into my current musical project Bruto Bello.

Lately I have been focusing more on electronic music production, analog gear and baritone guitar. I am currently writing a book focussing on holistic music education, teaching not only a particular musical instrument or style, but rather musicality as a whole. I feel that is has implications within ones musical career as well as academically and even spiritually.

If you find any errors on my blog, please contact me to fix them, or contact me with any suggestions for articles.